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Your Trusted In-House Legal Adviser

Every business inevitably faces legal challenges or hurdles that may get in the way of the owner’s goals. Whether you need help forming your new business or your in-house legal team needs extra assistance with a particular issue, you need an attorney who knows how to navigate your legal challenges. At Lesak Legal, I provide Jacksonville businesses with a full spectrum of business services to help them succeed.

Since 2003, I, attorney Greg Lesak, have represented Jacksonville business owners in various industries, including construction, real estate and insurance. I have experience helping businesses of all sizes meet their goals and overcome legal obstacles. Retaining the help of an experienced business attorney can benefit your business in the long run by ensuring trusted counsel that knows your business inside and out.

Providing A Full Scope Of Services To Florida Businesses From Formation Onwards

Business owners need a trusted advisor to help alleviate the stress and uncertainty of legal obstacles that get in the way of success. At Lesak Legal, I can work for you as an outsourced in-house counsel, saving you money while providing the legal services you need.

I can assist you and your business with a variety of matters, including:

For businesses that already have an in-house legal team, I can work with them when they need extra assistance on a particular contract issue or other concern. I have a proven record of success in and out of the courtroom. My litigation experience, coupled with my knowledge of commercial transactions gives my clients the edge they need to compete and thrive in Florida’s business environment.

Business Representation You Can Trust To Help You Meet Your Goals

At Lesak Legal, I strive to give my clients a large firm experience with a personalized touch. I understand you don’t want to spend outrageous amounts on legal fees. When you work with me as your in-house counsel, I ensure that I maintain open communication and transparent practices so you are confident in every step of your case.

To schedule a consultation with a seasoned litigator and transactional lawyer, call 904-901-4750 or complete my online contact form.