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Title Services With An Experienced Florida Real Estate Attorney

Title issues can quickly derail a real estate transaction, for the buyer, seller or both. Both residential and commercial property closings can encounter significant delays and problems when title issues surface.

I am attorney Gregory Lesak of Lesak Legal. I have more than 20 years of experience assisting business owners, landlords and buyers and sellers of both commercial and residential properties across the Jacksonville area. A clean title is important during any real estate transaction. With my experience in complex real estate transactions and now my title agency, you can count on me to guide you through this process with a dedication to protecting your rights and best interests.

What Are Common Types Of Title Issues In Real Estate Transactions?

A title is the legal right to ownership of the property. During a real estate transaction, title issues often surface as errors in the public records. You could face a number of title issues, including:

  • Unknown liens on the property
  • Unknown heirs with a potential claim to the property
  • Co-owners or even an illegal deed

A title search may also address boundary issues or unknown easements.

How Are Title Issues Discovered?

A title search can be performed to guard against uncertainty for the buyer and uncover any serious legal issues. If any issues are discovered in the search, I will work to address these before they delay your transaction or become problems.

Many buyers will also consider the benefit of purchasing title insurance to protect themselves and their investments. Title insurance provides buyers with a safety net should the title report contain inaccuracies or defects to the title surface. As part of the title services I provide, I can assist with performing title searches and securing title insurance.

What Does A Real Estate Attorney Handle During Closing?

I represent both buyers and sellers in real estate closings. Generally, I will assist with preparing and reviewing necessary closing documents, assisting with title issues like conducting a title search or securing title insurance, distributing funds and coordinating with the other party’s legal representation. While many closings proceed smoothly without problems, working with a real estate attorney can be beneficial should any unexpected issues arise. I have experience with complex real estate transactions and can assist with any number of issues that may surface during the closing process.

Call For A Consultation

If you are interested in learning more about your legal options before or during a real estate transaction in Jacksonville, do not hesitate to call me at 904-901-4750 or use my online contact form to schedule your consultation.