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What To Consider When Drafting A Commercial Lease

The first step to protecting your rights as a landlord or as a business tenant starts at the creation of your commercial lease.

At Lesak Legal, I help clients identify the most important items to consider when drafting a commercial lease, so they can minimize the potential for conflict and losses and protect their property rights. With robust experience in both business law and real estate law, I will provide thorough guidance to set you up for success – whether you are a Florida landlord or business entity looking to secure a lease.

Elements Of A Strong Commercial Lease

When drafting your lease, be sure to use clear and simple terms so each party understands their duties and their rights. Every lease should include the names of each party, the length of the lease term, rent obligations and a description of the property you are renting.

The strongest commercial leases outline a variety of rules and responsibilities for the landlord and commercial tenant. These can include, but are not limited to:

  • Security deposits
  • Maintenance and utility payments
  • Holdover clauses
  • Early termination clauses
  • Rules regarding modifications and alterations to the property
  • Requirements for the tenant to carry adequate insurance coverage
  • Use clauses, detailing how a tenant may use the space
  • A personal guarantee by an individual to be held responsible for rent payments in the event the business is unable to make a payment

The exact provisions of your lease agreement will vary greatly depending on the property, location and parties involved. That is why it is crucial to seek counsel from an experienced commercial real estate attorney to ensure your lease covers all the necessary items.

Protect Your Rights As A Florida Landlord Or Commercial Tenant

Any missteps or mistakes made when drafting your commercial lease could lead to costly disputes between parties in the future. When negotiating your lease agreement, you can trust Lesak Legal to provide practical counsel that sets you up for success.

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