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Helping Community Associations And HOAs Function Efficiently

Jacksonville is known for its beautiful beaches, expansive parks and eclectic neighborhoods, making it a wonderful place to live at any age. Jacksonville has an extensive amount of condominiums, housing developments and apartment buildings throughout the city and the surrounding area. To efficiently operate, many of these homes form associations to assist in operation and governance.

At Lesak Legal, I represent community associations, HOAs and condominium associations in various governance, operational and litigation matters. With my extensive background in business law, contracts and real estate law, I can assist associations with a full spectrum of legal needs.

Here For Your Association, From Governing Documents To Litigation

A community association is a group of homeowners made up of members of a specific community that works together to manage and govern their home or neighborhood. There are three main types of community associations, including homeowners’ associations (HOAs), condominium associations and cooperative associations. In these associations, a volunteer board of directors takes over the management of the HOA and some property responsibilities, including maintaining amenities and common areas.

I can help Florida condominium associations and HOAs with a variety of matters, including:

Community associations require governing documents to function properly. Without legal knowledge or assistance, preparing these documents can be difficult. You must consider bylaws, rules and housing regulations of federal, state and local law.

I can assist community associations in preparing and reviewing these documents, ensuring that the information is correct and the relevant regulations are followed. As an attorney for your association, I can also act as your legal representative in any disputes or litigation.

Retain A Staunch Legal Ally For Your Community Association

Proper legal representation is a valuable asset for all types of community associations. When a situation arises, an experienced lawyer can help associations move swiftly to address the issue before it escalates.

Contact my Jacksonville office to learn more about how I can help your association function smoothly and protect itself. Call me at 904-901-4750 or complete my online contact form to schedule a consultation.