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Helping You Move Your Construction Project Forward

No construction project is without challenges. A seemingly minor legal obstacle can hold back your project, costing you valuable time and money you cannot afford to lose. At Lesak Legal, I provide high-value, solutions-oriented services to Florida businesses in all construction-related matters.

I have years of experience helping developers, contractors and construction companies overcome challenges and successfully negotiate contracts, including designing, implementing and managing a construction contracting program for a publicly traded company doing approximately 250 million in development. This project included contract negotiation and continued through a successful dispute resolution. I have also successfully negotiated multiple settlements regarding construction-related disputes for other clients.

Sound Legal Guidance During Every Step Of Your Construction Project

Construction projects involve complex contracts that outline agreements between the parties, including subcontractors and suppliers. If something goes wrong or there is a disagreement regarding the contract terms, the entire project may encounter delays. Working with an experienced construction law attorney can help protect you from unwanted roadblocks getting in the way of your project.

I can help you with a variety of legal matters relating to construction, including:

  • Contract design and negotiations
  • Contract review
  • Variations and changes
  • Damage and delay claims
  • Payment and bid disputes

My experience with construction contracts goes beyond negotiations and dispute resolution. I worked hard to create a construction contract generation automation system to securely and efficiently complete contract bidding, job accounting, legal documents and security. Whether you can settle your case outside of court or require litigation to find a resolution, I will work with you to determine the best path forward.

Solutions-Oriented Approach To Help You Meet Your Goals

At Lesak Legal, I adopt a results-driven approach to every case. I will take the time to understand your goals, concerns and needs before proceeding with any legal strategy. I understand the time-sensitive nature of legal challenges in construction projects and commit myself to finding efficient solutions to help you meet your goals.

Contact my Jacksonville office to schedule a consultation with a knowledgeable lawyer by calling 904-901-4750 or completing my online contact form.