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Crafting Customized Wills And Trusts In Florida

When creating an estate plan, it is critical to understand all of the legal options at your disposal. Estate planning may often begin with a will but it can go far beyond that, including establishing trusts, using advance directives, setting up a power of attorney, and making guardianship decisions for children – and much more.

I am attorney Gregory Lesak, and I will work closely with you to help you understand exactly what options you have based on your unique circumstances. Here at Lesak Legal, I have worked with business owners or professionals, individuals and families across Jacksonville, and I bring more than two decades of experience to the table. I have particular experience with drafting and negotiating complex contracts, and I use this experience to help my clients draft and modify an estate plan that protects their property, their assets and their legacies.

Writing A Will

Wills are the cornerstones of estate planning. A will can:

  • Provide guidance to your beneficiaries
  • Distribute your property and assets
  • Name your personal representative who will be tasked with distributing your property and assets
  • Name guardians for minor children

Wills are crucial elements of estate planning. With careful and proactive planning, a will can provide beneficiaries with clarity and lower the odds of estate disputes. Wills are especially important to have so in the event of your unexpected death, your wishes guide the disbursement of your property and assets, rather than Florida intestacy law.

When Is A Trust Necessary?

Trusts can provide benefits like further flexibility and protection. You might consider adding a trust to your estate plan for the following reasons:

  • Further managing and protecting your assets
  • Assisting a family member with special needs
  • Planning for future needs like Medicaid or college tuition
  • Avoiding probate for property or asset distribution
  • Providing tax relief and/or additional privacy

Trusts can be revocable, meaning that terms can be changed, or irrevocable. Many business owners consider trusts to hold business assets or even the business itself. This can help to provide stability and guidance during business succession especially. I can advise on whether a trust could be helpful to accomplish your estate planning goals.

Get Started On Estate Planning Today

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