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Creative Legal Solutions For Construction Disputes

The prospect of issues arising throughout a construction project feels almost inevitable. In many cases, these issues amount to minor problems with simple solutions. However, other issues can lead to heated disputes and parties taking legal action.

I am construction law attorney Gregory Lesak, of Lesak Legal. I have years of experience representing construction businesses, developers and contractors throughout Jacksonville. My construction law services range from providing streamlined contract drafting and negotiation guidance to representing clients facing complex construction-related disputes. I have a results-driven approach and work to understand my clients’ concerns, needs and goals before developing a customized strategy to suit their unique situation.

What Are Common Causes Of Construction Disputes?

Contracts are often the cause of many construction disputes. An ironclad contract can help protect your interests. However, contracts cannot predict everything. Attempting to navigate an issue that arises without help from a construction litigation lawyer could cost you significant time and resources. I have worked with many clients to ensure their needs are met. Common causes of construction disputes I see include:

  • Bid and payment disputes
  • Breach of contract
  • Breach of fiduciary duty
  • Construction defects
  • Delays on projects
  • Mechanics liens

My extensive experience with contract drafting and negotiation enables me to offer a unique perspective when contract terms or issues are the source of a dispute. I understand just how difficult any of these problems can be and will devise a strategy that fits you and your business.

How To Handle A Construction Dispute

Any construction dispute can feel threatening to your business. When initial talks or negotiations with the other party fall through, it is critical to retain an experienced construction litigation attorney as early as possible. These disputes can take valuable time, resources and energy away from your business. Attempting to navigate a dispute on your own can even end up hurting your bottom line.

I have represented Jacksonville businesses facing litigation for years. Construction disputes can quickly become escalated, as any snag in the construction process can cause delays that alter timelines of projects. I will provide sound legal guidance at every step, with the aim of protecting your best interests and moving the construction project forward.

Seek Help From An Experienced Construction Law Attorney

Contact me at Lesak Legal to learn more about my solutions-oriented approach and how I can apply this to your construction dispute. To schedule a consultation with an experienced business and construction litigation lawyer, call my Jacksonville office at 904-901-4750 or fill out my online contact form.