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Representing Landlords In Residential Lease Agreements

Whether you need representation in a dispute or need help managing your portfolio of residential tenants, you need an experienced Jacksonville attorney by your side. At Lesak Legal, I represent local landlords during every step of the residential leasing process.

With a background in real estate, business law and contract law, I have a diverse skill set that benefits my landlord clients. My experience has given me a deep understanding of the intricacies of real estate law in Florida. I know what to look for in a lease agreement and how to successfully guide clients through disputes with their tenants.

Draft A Solid Lease Today To Prevent Problems Tomorrow

Simply finding a tenant and signing a lease agreement is just the start of what landlords handle. Working with an experienced residential leasing attorney throughout the process can help streamline your work and prevent disputes.

I am equipped to help you with every step of the residential leasing process, including:

  • Contract creation and review
  • Residential portfolio advisement
  • Landlord-tenant dispute resolution

What To Include In Lease Agreements

When drafting a lease agreement, there are certain terms that you should include. Most commonly, residential lease agreements should include the amount of rent, when it is due, the length of the lease term, security deposits and late fees. You should also include a complete list of your tenants and right of entry terms to allow you to enter a tenant’s unit, maintenance and repair obligations.

At Lesak Legal, I can help you draft and review your lease agreements to ensure your contract is sound and complete. By drafting a solid agreement, you can prevent serious disputes down the road.

Let’s Get Started On Your Residential Leasing Journey

Before you finalize an agreement with a potential tenant, reach out to a skilled lawyer to review your leasing contract. Identifying and resolving problems early on can help you succeed and save you the stress of a dispute.

Contact me to schedule a consultation at my Jacksonville office by calling 904-901-4750 or completing my online contact form.